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A conversation about being black as told by regular black people.
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Apr 4, 2017

This week I talk to the lovely Lady Brion who is helping students in Baltimore city heal and express themselves through poetry.

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Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Slam

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Mar 21, 2017

This week, we scratch the surface on black hair and how is perceived.


Andrea Lewis' recent mini docuseries.

Finding Magic

Finding Joy

Finding Trust

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Mar 7, 2017

I talked to random strangers about their views on feminism. Check it out!

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We Should All Be Feminists


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Jan 19, 2016

This is the final episode of Season 1 of Regular Black Radio! There's a special guest host so be sure to tune in!

We mention a  piece that I wrote that was published in a local journal called The Avenue. I wrote about my experience as s new-comer to Baltimore. You can read the piece and pick up a copy at the link below. 

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I'm taking a break so that I can revamp and improve the show. I want to improve my audio editing and mixing skills and refine my story-telling skills as well. I want to make sure that I'm doing my best to provide you with a great story-telling experience. Feel free to write in with your feedback even during the break.

During the break between seasons, I won't be posting regular full-length episodes, but I will post a semi-season episode every few weeks. I'll be trying out new segments, looking for your input, or just checking in to say hello, so stay tuned!

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Jan 13, 2016

This week I talked to the fiercely talented and intelligent Breai Mason-Campbell! She was kind enough to share some of her time with me for a chat about her views on race. She really got me thinking about how I can be more intentional about trying to improve the lives of American's who are black. Good stuff!

I met Breai because she did this AMAZING presentation called "Dancing White" at Goucher College that I happened to attend. So much wonderful information in this presentation!. I definitely recommend that you check it out! 

Vincent Campbell, Breai's husband, produced the transition music in today's show. You can check out more of his work and follow him on Sound Cloud.